Bangladeshi artist Salma Abedin Prithi started her career as a television reporter and presenter in Desh TV and RTV. After 3 years she felt reporting couldn’t allow her to express her inner feelings, which is pretty much related to the vulnerability and psychological struggle of ordinary people. During her graduation in photography at Pathshala South Asian Media Institute, she met different people of Dhaka and realized how sensitive and psychological people are, even when they are going through hard physical reality. Prithi started taking portraiture by spending long time and anticipating with very slow moments. Her recent body of work, Dear Love, is a monologue of ordinary people who talk about their relationships and stand in front of the camera intimately with their dear ones. They write about their feeling on their prints where text becomes an integral part of a photograph. Prithi is also particularly interested on rituals and women’s iconography. Her next work, Gloomy Sunday focuses on female as a homemaker, where she confronted her own upbringing as a woman and questioned her fears and desires.


Her works were exhibited and published in local and international platforms including Photo Kathmandu, Kathmandu 2016, Dhaka Art Summit, Dhaka 2016, Chobimela VII, Goethe Institute, Dhaka 2013, “Senses Seven” a group exhibition, Dhaka Art Center, Dhaka 2012, “Nari”, a group exhibition, Drik Gallery, Dhaka 2009, A Pocket Full of Momo, A Photobook Collective from Nepal 2012, Trans Asia Photography Review, May 2013, Lal Jiper Diary, October 2014, Invisible Photographer Asia (I P A), January 2015, Take On Art Magazine, Take Pick, February 2016, Financial Times, March 2016. She participated in several workshops conducted by internationally acclaimed photographers like Munem Wasif, Philip Blenkinsop, Abir Abdullah, Laurence Leblanc, Peter Bialobrzeski, Lin Schröder and Swapan Parekh. Besides her photography, Prithi is also a contributing writer of art reviews in Bangla magazines since 2012. She worked with Canvas lifestyle magazine both as a photographer and feature writer. Prithi is currently teaching photography to underprivileged children in Surovi School, Dhaka. In 2015, Prithi won Nikon Photography Award, Second Prize in Open Theme category. Prithi was shortlisted for Samdani Art Award, Dhaka Art Summit 2016 and Aminul Islam Award, Bengal Foundation 2016.


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