Cold Fire

I heard an endless scream in the corridor of hospital. One got fire on her dress while cooking, one’s husband burned her face to punish, one’s house was burnt for an electric short-circuit, there were many more individual stories but the scream united them together. Burn unit was always in rush, there was no time to pause for doctors. Sushma Koirala Memorial Hospital in Shanku, Nepal, has become a trusted shelter for thousand of burn patients. For first few days, I struggled a lot to adjust with this loud and speedy environment. But slowly I realized there was also some quiet moments, very quiet and personal time for those patients. Sitting on a bench, going through dark nostalgia, hoping for a rebirth. The damage was severe, but hope was still alive. I saw the same hope on the eyes of doctors, nurse and patient’s relatives. It became a family with the same prayer. There was color in the hospital, some were still curious to see their faces in the mirror. They were waiting for the miracle to fix every scar, some died, some kept dreaming. I could not help much but photographed them and hold their hands tight while dressing wounds. I got into a relationships with them, once hold hands of Kamini whose husband burned her body to give her a ‘lesson’, Kamini and I walked down the alleys, had ice-cream, shared our stories and dreamt some fortunes. There were times when screams were silent and fire was cold.


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